Glacier, blue ice and birthday.

Isabel and Markus called me one evening and wanted to go to Okstindbreen. They got a couple ideas from me and the next day we whent to the blue ice on the east ice on Okstindbreen. I met them and they hiked with me to the starting point. The sun was shining and the premise was wery good for a beautiful day. And that it was. We walked a cross the blue ice and viewed at some crevasses. 

After the crossing we took the trip under the glacier. 

It is not every day that someone is celebrating birthday under Norways oldest glacier. Guess that this was the first time. 

After we had a "meeting" with a 12 year old scottish under Norways oldes glacier we crossed some crevasses and had a lunch with a special view.

We whent down in fantastic weather and a magnificent view over Kjennsvatnet.

Thank You Isabel and Markus for let me guide you and show you some of the finest that Norway could show us this day.

Hope to see you again.


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Oksskolten, første bestigning i år. Oksskolten, first summit attack this year.

Hadde med atter to ivrige toppturentusiaster som samler fylkestopper opp på Oksskolten, den høyeste fjelltoppen i Nord-Norge. Vi hadde vær for alle fire årstider og vind. Turen er krevende men disse to var godt forberedt for alle forhold. F.v: Anne og Øyvind. Buster sitter i sekken.

I had the pleasure again to guide two more to the summit of Oksskolten, the highest peak in Northern Norway. On the way up we had weather from all seasons and wind. It is a demanding hike but they was prepeard for all conditions. F.l: Anne and Øyvind. Buster is in the backpack.

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Oksskolten, highest mountain in northern Norway

Tom and Willy hired me as their guide to Oksskolten. We had planned this trip for a while now and the weather forecast did not leave us much hope for a sunny hike. But the people in this area know that the weather forecast is not always to be trusted. We started around 08.30 from the parking and half way up the clouds started to crack up.

Crossing the glacier arm.

Oksskolten, the highets mountain in northern of Norway.

On the way up we had some smoked and dryed meet (heart of a moose). 

We took the summit in sunny weather and the weather was on our side to day.

We reached the summit 

It was early in the season but the snow conditions was good.

We used 10,5 hours on this trip with breaks .

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Ingrid and Ziegmar went caving with me. We went under ground and followed the river. During the trip we found a mushroom deep inside the cave. 

We went by "trolls heads"

After the trip it was time for coffee, dried meat with and other goodies.

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History walking tour

I had the pleasure to guide Ingrid Barnau and her grandchild Artur Stock in a historic tour in Hemnesberget. The theme was World war 2 and a lunch with classic norwegian food for campfire. It was sunny weather and 5 degrees below zero, in other words, a perfect wintwr day. 

We took lunh next to "Waldfrieden", the remains of a german bunker. After lunch we whent to Albertines house and studied a part of the wall that emerged while we where rebuilding. That was a german text that says how you shall behave indoors. A historic treasure. We got help from Ingrid and her daugther Marlene Künne so we could get the correct translation of the script after all the wallpaper was removed.

Thanks to Marlene Künne, Ingrid Barnau, Artur Stock, Preben E. Langseth (my sherpa for the day) and Albertines house.

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