Glacier, blue ice and birthday.

Isabel and Markus called me one evening and wanted to go to Okstindbreen. They got a couple ideas from me and the next day we whent to the blue ice on the east ice on Okstindbreen. I met them and they hiked with me to the starting point. The sun was shining and the premise was wery good for a beautiful day. And that it was. We walked a cross the blue ice and viewed at some crevasses. 

After the crossing we took the trip under the glacier. 

It is not every day that someone is celebrating birthday under Norways oldest glacier. Guess that this was the first time. 

After we had a "meeting" with a 12 year old scottish under Norways oldes glacier we crossed some crevasses and had a lunch with a special view.

We whent down in fantastic weather and a magnificent view over Kjennsvatnet.

Thank You Isabel and Markus for let me guide you and show you some of the finest that Norway could show us this day.

Hope to see you again.