Visit the troll cave

Groupsize: 1-8 pers. (Larger groups must make an agreement with the guide when ordering)

Duration: 2-3 hours.

Physical requirements: Easy to medium

Tourdescription: It´s a 10 minutes walk from the parking. The trip is parted in to caves. In the first an smallest cave there is dry invironments mostly, just a small pond innside. In the other cave it is a small river that runs through the cave. Here you get a clear image of the water tha has been excavated though the mountain. Some types of rock are harder and the "trolls head" are sticking out and can give associations to the old norwegian folktales. 

It can bee an advantage to wear rubber boots to get a full advantages of both caves. The smallest cave is just like a small tunnel. In the largest cave we will go through small halls in the mountain, and for those who aren´t afraid of narrow passages they can trye to pas through the "birth canal". Bee aware that wee have to crawl some places in both caves. the trip is not recomended for people that are claustrophobic 

In the winter we can find icicles innside one of the openings. 

The guide will bring headlights and first aid equipment.

Price: 400/200 (adult/children under 16 years of age)