Tailored trips

I have regular trips that I can take with you, but you may have other wishes for what you want to see or places to go. 

Overnight trips

I can take you on a multiple day hiking from sea level, through the forest and up on the mountain. You can learn to use map and compass to navigate on this hike, or how to make a campfire. A night out under the open sky in a sleepingbag or in a tent is magical. You can also enjoy the tourist cabins or combine this lodging possibilities. 

Other mountains or locations

There is many mountains and areas to see and I can help you to find this. Fishing in a lake or a small stream and make your own supper is something that I recommend. That can also be combined with an overnight trip.

Short day trips

You can also gather your own berrys in the summertime or mabye you just want to boil your own coffee and listen to the natures own sounds. That is medicine to calm down.