Selhorn peak and Selhorn


Duration: 5-6 hours

Season: Spring, summer and autumn

You need: Hiking boots, windproof clothing, warm underwear, your own food and waterbottle with water.

Guide will bring: Firstaid, map and compass, GPS. Child carrier if oreded.

The hike to Selhornet is medium demanding. The hike will start at Auren and the first third part of the hike will go along a tractor road through forest terrain. Where the road ends we will enter a typical norwegian mountainterrain. There will be oppurturnity to refill your waterbottles when we crosses small streams and mountain waters. On the way up we will walk through culturlandscape of norwegian farms and norwegian high mountain terrain with a magnificently wiew. Right before the top we will also see traces where the water has excavated the soil and the rock. The highets point is Selhorn peak and it has a beutiful wiew. After this we will go to the horn. From there the wiew is breathtaking and there is a vertical drop that can make your stomach tikle. On this ledge you must be careful, its several hundred meters stright down.

Price: 600/300  Nkr pr. pers.  (Grownups and children under 16 years of age).